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Women's Learning



Topics for Monthly Rosh Chodesh Women’s Learning


 There are many different approaches to choose a topic for women’s learning.   One approach is to choose a topic related to your own personal life.  The first five suggestions for a topic are based on your personal interests.   Another approach is to choose topics which originate in the Tanach.  The next five suggestions use that approach.  Finally, we have a list of topics, any one of which you can choose.  Another possibility is to learn some of the prayers as a group.  One suggestion was that we should spend a few sessions learning Hallel.


Suggestions for Women’s Learning Topics:


1. Do you or a family member have a name that is found in the Bible - how about researching that Biblical character?

2. Are you planning a trip somewhere and exploring the Jewish aspects of the city/society? How about researching their history and religious observances?

3. Have you attended an exhibit that's of Jewish interest, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, which was on exhibit at the ROM.  The scrolls did refer to the role of women in that society, which was one topic presented to the group. 

4. Have you read a book on a Jewish-related topic that piqued your interest and about which you'd like to know more?  You can talk about that. 

5. You might want to pick a topic which resonates with your own values, such as tzedacka or spirituality in Judaism.

6.  Each Parsha has many interesting facets.  You could pick a parsha that particularly interests you and talk about it and why it interests you.

7.  The same approach can be used for the Haftorah.

8.  It is always topical to talk about the upcoming holidays.  Some examples are counting of the Omer, Shavuot, etc.

9.  There are many outstanding women in the Tanach.  Examples include Buriah, Devora, Esther and Ruth.

10.  Is there a part of any of the services that particularly interest you and about which you would like to learn more?  Some examples include the Amidah, Havdalah, Kol Nidrei, Hallel etc.  You can research the origins and different ways of observing them.

Some possible topics include:


  1. Judah and Tamar
  2. How did the laws of Kashrut develop?
  3. What are a women’s obligations/roles in Judaism?
  4. How does Deborah influence our view of women in Judaism.  (You could substitute another favorite Jewish woman here)?
  5. Where does the idea of the Mikva come from and what is its role in the Jewish life cycle?
  6. How did the laws that we follow on Shabbat originate and develop?
  7. How do the ten commandments influence our daily life (pick one or more)?
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