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The office is open remotely today, May 28, 2024.


We did it! Thanks to your dedication and contributions, we have not only met our initial goal of $50,000 but have surpassed it!

We are thrilled and grateful for the outpouring of support we received. Thank you to everyone who donated, shared our emails, posted about our campaign and security needs on social media, sent us encouraging and heartfelt messages, and spread our message of unity and love far and wide! We couldn’t have achieved this without each and every one of you!

As we approach the final two days of our KSTRONG campaign; we want you to know that this significant achievement is a testament to the strength and unity of our community, and a loud message that we will never be broken. While this campaign was started as result of hate, our response has been one of love. This accomplishment is a shining example of simcha shel mitzvah, the joy of a mitzvah. Whether you are a member of our Shul or not, you supported KSTRONG with the joy of knowing you are helping to protect your Jewish Brothers & Sisters. That joy, as Rabbi Joseph Albo wrote, “grants completion to a mitzvah, only through it does the mitzvah achieve its intended objective”. We will always stand up for each other with joy, love, and Jewish values in our hearts.
While we celebrate this milestone, we must acknowledge that maintaining and enhancing our security measures will be an ongoing and constant expense. Your continued support remains vital as we strive to uphold the highest standards of safety for our congregation.
We are happy to share that we have already started the process of increasing our Shul’s security, marking the beginning of a more secure KST.
Once again, thank you for your generosity, commitment, and support.
As Rabbi Joe (now famously) shared: Windows Shatter Easily; Communities Don’t!


Our Mission

KSTRONG is more than just a fundraising initiative; it’s a promise that our commitment to protecting our community and preserving our building is unwavering. The mission of this campaign is to enhance the security infrastructure of the Shul, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of everyone who enters its doors. We're committed to implementing comprehensive security upgrades that will safeguard our physical space and protect our community members.

Our Goal: To raise $50,000 to cover the necessary security improvement of the Shul.

Our Vision: Priority Areas

Physical Building Security Upgrades: Our first priority is to better secure the physical structure of our synagogue, starting with new security windows that provide robust protection against potential threats across the entire synagogue. Including interior glass doors.

Increased Lighting and Improved Security Cameras: Brighter lighting outside the building and improved security cameras will serve as a deterrent to would-be vandals and enhance surveillance capabilities.

Entry Access System and Security Fence: Implementing an advanced entry access system and erecting a security fence will control access to the premises, adding an extra layer of protection. Giving us the ability to see real time who is accessing to trying to access our building.

Anti-Ramming Protection: Installing bollards to deter and prevent a car-ramming attack.

Enhanced Security Personnel: We'll invest in additional security guards, including off-duty police officers when appropriate, to bolster on-site security and provide a rapid response to any emergencies.

Security Training and First Aid: Equipping our community members and staff with security training and first aid skills will empower them to respond effectively to crisis situations.


we are proud to offer a limited and unique token of appreciation: The top 5 donors to the KSTRONG campaign will receive a custom Mezuzah crafted from the broken glass of each of the five windows broken in the recent vandalism. You will also have the opportunity to pledge a special 6th Mezuzah that will be delivered to a Kibbutz in Israel that will be identical to the Mezuzah we will be putting up at our Shul. This symbolised that we are forever connected with the people of Israel and we will never forget what happened on October 7th.

The Mezuzot are symbols of faith, protection, and continuity and a constant reminder of our divine connection with Hashem, our heritage, and our commitment. By crafting these Mezuzot from the shattered remnants of the hate-filled attack we show resilience and unity, transforming symbols of destruction into beacons of hope and renewal

How You Can Help:

Your support is instrumental in making our vision a reality. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to strengthening and securing our sanctuary, ensuring the safety of our community. Together, we can send a powerful message:


Join us in safeguarding Kehillat Shaarei Torah and preserving the sanctity of our Shul. Donate today and make a lasting impact.

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Mon, June 17 2024 11 Sivan 5784